Meet The Artist

A Jewish CPA inspired by Christmas ornaments...

I'm an only child born to two jewish over achieveing academic baby boomers who struggled with rejection and feeling "less than" from a very young age. My father, the doctor, only to escape the Vietnam war, struggled with bipolar personality disorder. My mother, a University of Pennsylvania graduate, told to study in the medical school library by her parents to find herself a husband, did just that at the ripe age of twenty years young.

My life post age twelve can be described as adventures in disordered eating. Starving, binging, shame, weight loss, and weight gain consumed my thoughts most of everyday for decades. Through rhythmyically placing balls to the walls I have found peace of mind.

Why do I care what you think? I, much like my art, am reflective. I look for what I want to see and I see what you want to show me. What do you see? Why do you see what you see? What do you want to show those around you?

I have come to realize we are esentially all the same, trained pets of our parents with innate tendencies who take on the burdens of society. I believe our opinions are formed by reactions to the world around us and the community we attach to as a source of survival from the second we are born. I am fascinated in why we do the things we do and I'm equally curious about how our actions and opinions came to be. This is my ever evolving journey to be the king in my very own game of life, checkmate.